Monday, October 5, 2015


After five long years of negotiations in a secret closet the still mostly secret agreement is now waiting for congress to give it a simple up or down vote.  We know very little about it and supposedly neither does congress they are being asked to vote for this black sheep of a deal.  12 nations haggled back and forth for a long 5 years and finally came just recently to a signed deal,

Because we know little of what is being given away in this deal we only have to look at how the last few trade deals turned out.  Starting with NAFTA , then Gatt with the WTO on top of all that, with a few other trade deals on the side have resulted in 100's if thousands of good blue collar jobs leaving the country some of them being replaced by low wage service jobs. One just has to look a declining middle class too understand the impact of these deals.

Even our remaining industries are being devastated by countries like China dumping goods on our markets to steal manufacturers share of the product to close shop because of the below cost of production of our products.

We have to wait and see what we are being asked to give up and by the time we find out it will be too late to stop the deal from being approved.

We will have to depend on folks like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to shed light on this horrible agreement.  It's simple enough for you to figure out by asking a simple question,  "How have the recent trade agreements worked out for American workers?"  Because this one has been negotiated in secret should tell how it will affect us.  Demand your congressman votes NO on this piece of crap.

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  1. If the trade deal was good for anyone but big corporations, it wouldn't be secret. It is obvious why it is secret. The fact that our countries allow this to even transpire shows we are in no way a democracy in the U.S.

    Piece of crap is right.

    Sad day. If the people stick with the political revolution now brewing nicely in the U.S. and support Bernie Sanders AFTER the election, we have a real chance of turning this Oligarchy around. ~Heidi