Wednesday, September 30, 2015


And he is a big mean son of a bitch.   The economic meltdown is about to begin (or has begun) depending who what you watch for indicators.  I have been saying the meltdown is coming but have never put a time frame on it as I believe timing is not as important as knowing it is going to happen and start positioning your self to survive.

Now many prominent stock analysts are saying now is the time for the crash to begin.  Watching event in the markets for the past few months should give you a clue.  Up down ,up down day to day the long term trend is down world wide.See this list of analysts saying the jig is up.

Here's another analyst that has never issued an all out warning but he is now.  The last time he felt this bad about where we are headed was in 2008 but then he only  told his parents.  This time he is telling us all to hang on we are going down. He furnishes lots of charts to back up his case , look them over and decide for yourself.

Take a look at commodity prices worldwide.  Every thing is is free fall and I mean everything.
This analyst uses Glencore (the largest commodity on the planet)and he predicts this company is toast and it's downfall will start a cascade of failures across all sections of the economy.

It's always good to have company when calling for a major downturn and the links above do just that.
A long time ago I attempted to under stand at least some of the theories out there.  I got some idea how they worked but I was limited by my math ability.   But never fear common sense may work better than math.  Gut feeling are powerful things and my gut been boiling for a long time and have been expecting a huge downturn at the end of this cycle.  Today I am at the point where I think the end has begun and there is no  place to hide your funds (if you are lucky enough to have some).  I'm to the point where you start digging holes in your backyard to hide your loot.  Or you could just stock up stuff to tide you thru this mess.

This is going to get ugly and fast.

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  1. September 30, 2015

    Headline in Financial Times "Traders start pricing Glencore bonds like junk." Glencore, mentioned in one of the articles you refer readers to, is the world's largest commodity trader.

    Here is a paragraph from the article:

    "But this week, dealers and investors say trading in the $36bn [billion] of bonds outstanding has moved to a cash basis, where prices are quoted in terms of cents on the dollar of face value. This form of pricing is generally used for junk bonds, which have a higher risk of default."

    The world's biggest commodities trader is circling the drain, what will it take with it?

    Yep, looking ugly.