Sunday, September 27, 2015


So a large percentage of our republican candidates are certifiable is not up for debate.  Across the board with an exception here and there they are  all hawks who would rather bomb Iran, put troops in
Syria and start a war with Russia.  I think they better rethink all of those.

Bernie Sanders says it might get worse with Boehner not around and he might just be right.

Most of the republican candidates are avid bible thumpers and I'm ok with that till they start claiming that the earth was created in six days and religion can be used to determine if you can spy on them without a warrant. One of the current leaders in the polls (Ben Carson) actually said in a speech that Darwin's theory and the Big Bang were inspired by Satan. Yeah sure.

Across the board they have not much to offer us.  Thinly veiled attempts to repeal Obama care are still happening and their platforms have nothing to offer the common folk.


  1. My hope is they will crazy themselves out of existence.