Thursday, September 10, 2015


Here we sit years after the VA,s problems were brought to light and yet we see this.
According to the Inspector General 307,000 vets have died waiting for service.  They point out that shoddy record keeping is so bad they can't be sure how many have been served or even how many have died waiting for service.  This is nothing new , the problems have been noted for years but apparently they intend to do nothing about it.

This servicemen gave there all for a country that sent them to war on a lie and now will not properly fund or police the administration that is charged with vets care.  It makes me furious that the VA can't be properly funded because congress would rather spend money bombing ISIS than fund the VA.  This is totally unsatisfactory.

If I were in charge being an old retired sailor I know where I would start.  I would take a quick look at  the various VA districts pick a couple that appear to be doing their jobs.  Send a team made up of admin types, doctors and nurses and to insure honesty send in a few retired CPO,s to monitor their efforts.  This mistreatment cannot continue.  Heads should roll.  Verify that an individual has falsified records, shit canned records, filled false data or any other dead that kept vets from getting service should be immediately fired with no severance pay at all.  I would suspend civil service firing rules as these crimes are so severe they don't deserve the benefit of doubt.  They are guilty of crimes that are punishable by law.

In closing I will say that those I know of in California in Northern CA have been getting good, timely care and say they are satisfied with the service. If it can be done here it can be done anywhere.  Some  bad ass needs to be put in charge with all the power he needs to get the job done.  They should be able to  report directly to the President  from  which his authority his given.

The time to fix the system is now..GET IT DONE!

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