Thursday, September 10, 2015


Across the country in state after state teachers are under attack.  Some have been outright fired, some have had all their benefits cut.  They are  often accused of not doing their job.  No argument that performance has suffered as year to year a new  idea of education is thrown out there to teachers with little or no training.

In Chicago the latest trend in education was brought into being by Arnie Duncan , now our secretary of Education.  In Chicago they fired whole school employees from janitor to principal.  Some were rehired but in the end they were left to find employment where ever they could.  The program relied on standardized testing and the test scores were used in teacher evaluations. There is so much more involved to education then how did you do on a test.

They spend billions on testing with little sign that they improve the quality of education. While the attack on teachers continue.  Some teachers have had enough and have gone on strike and I'm asking you to support them.

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