Thursday, September 24, 2015


More and more older Americans find they have to stay in the work force do to lack of a retirement plan other than SS.  I'm sure you have noticed who is doing the greeting and running the cash registers at your favorite shopping designation.

It ain't by choice they are working it's because they have to since most retirement systems have gone by the wayside.  It doesn't look much better for those coming up behind us old folks. Work till you drop is what today and the future look like.

College education or not a large chunk of today's young are facing the impossible task of working low paying jobs and saving for retirement.  Something like 30% of recent college grads are back living with their parents , looking with sadness when their monthly student loan bill shows and all hopes of eating that month disappear.  Saving for retirement is not a consideration when you don't make enough money to do anything but the bare essentials.

In the big cities like New York and San Francisco a large chunk of the worker bees can't afford an apartment , they ban together in groups and rent a house that is divided into mainly sleeping rooms and a kitchen.  Most jobs in these cities don't pay enough to even think of buying a house.

Looking into the future if the predictors are right , there will be less and less jobs as  robots take over up to half of today's jobs.

Which leaves me with several  questions.  What will these unemployable folks do?  Who will provide them with the necessities of life?   Today's unemployed and homeless struggle through each day while politicians haggle over the few scraps they will give them. What when a majority are not working who will these greedy corporations have left to buy their junk.  Seems to me they aren't even thinking about that . their only concern is the next quarters profits and how big their bonus will be.

Looking at the world today a large chunk is at war, millions are being uprooted and trying to find a country that will let them in.  Once their in what will they do?  The Eu is mired in a depression and even China is slowing way down. Every chart on everything is headed to the basement.  It looks day by day the Next Great Depression is upon us.

How did we get out of the last one.  FDR's New Deal pumped money to the people , created jobs where there were no jobs. Some of those jobs gave up most of out large dams and other public works that a stingy conservatives wouldn't even consider.  In the beginning the economy picked up and then conservative pressure forced him to ease up and renew the down turn.  It took a war to get us completely out of the ditch, hardly a good choice.

With the drums of war sounding in many spots in the world ,where most of the trouble was caused by us or our bankers it would appear they are ginning up a big war with Russia or China is what they have in mind to fix the depression .

There is a fix standing in the wings, Bernie Sanders and his massive programs are just the ticket out of this train wreck. If you haven't checked him now is the time to do it. He can win he only needs your support to win,

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