Friday, September 4, 2015


We may as well have only one news channel as the cable news channel is like a bunch of trained parrots.  If the lead story is some murder or other blood thirsty story you can bet it will be on the news shows (all of them ) for a least a week.  It doesn't do any good to change channels as the same story and follow ups will all be the same, for the whole damn week.

While we are at it lets take a look at the coverage of the presidential races.  From watching the news day after day you would get the impression that there are two people running , Trump and Hillary one interesting at best the other duller than dull.  Hillary has so many trust issues that I deem her unelectable.    Trump while interesting is proving to be not up to speed on world issues. For instance when asked"Who do you seek out to for military issues/" His answer "I watch TV news" .  Anybody got a clue as how reliable they are?  Once again you get the party line from just about every talking parrot that is merely a spouting the talking points given by the administration.  In other words pure bullshit.  When asked about his thoughts on terrorist leaders (which probably is a lead pipe question) he flared up and said he won't bother with knowing them till he is elected, because they will have changed by then.  There must have been a better answer , somewhere.

Bernie WHO? seems to be the standard view for all those networks. He seldom is interviewed  and his platform remains a mystery to them.  They deem him unelectable (which they say over and over again)  telling us Bernie supporters that he can't possible win.  Fortunately for us we know their game , they want to play Hillary vs Trump, both losers in my book.

While were talking about TV I may as well throw in my favorite gripe. This whole summer has been a big bust as far as what is on television.  For weeks on end , night after night my record list tells me there is nothing new to watch, now that fall is here perhaps it will get better, but don't hold your breath.

If it wasn't for Netflix, Amazon, Acorn and a few other movie channels the TV would have remained off ( probably not a bad idea) except for the increase in my Kindle account buying books.

The cable news channels with very few exceptions run the same bits , sometimes for weeks on end , especially if it's juicy murder event.  Take for example the downing of MH370 , they ran that story for weeks saying the same crap , day after day. Then these same channels wonder why their viewership is in a steep decline.  All except Fox the other channels seem to be searching for a theme but so far they have not improved on little bit.

I close with a question"Do you think it would be possible for another Turner like guy to start up a real news channel like the old CNN?  the experts say it's not profitable, no it's the news assholes . It should be what's happening in the world not about profit.

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