Thursday, October 15, 2015


For my money it is way past propaganda , if it had been propaganda at least some would have had a different take on the debates. In yesterday's post the links showed polls showing that Sanders clearly won the debate by huge margins. The very next day almost every news source proclaimed loudly that Clinton won by wide margins.  If you were ever in doubt you are being fed bullshit by the press today you should have no doubt that you are being lied too by our press.

Sure I'm a Sanders supporter but I can still be objective analyzing a debate.  It was clear that Sanders offered the voter the most of programs they want.  While Hillary did OK , she didn't wow anybody.
The second tier did not do anything that should move them up  in the voters minds.  So it will boil down to Sanders and Clinton.  One good thing about MSM propaganda it will help keep Biden out of the race. If the Biden camp believes the press they will see no reason to jump in.

What does all this mean to you?  You will have to develop other news sources (I have for a very long time) and there are lots of choices you just have to pick and choose who you will believe .  This is complicated because not all sights will think the same on different subject.

There is so much evidence out there that we are being led by a nose ring by our media.  They lied to us about the whole mess in Ukraine blaming it on Russia when in fact it started with a Coup of the elected government which turned out to be a disaster.  Story after story told the tale of Russian aggression in Ukraine which remains today uproven. On top of that add the fairy tale that it was Russia that shot down MH17 when in fact it was Ukraine itself that did the deed.

The end result of our actions are being seen today and they are not to our benefit.  Russia and China and other have formed a whole new economic system that will replace the IMF crooks by their own systems.  They have also signed pacts for economic development that are huge and if completed will make the countries involved become more powerful.

Meantime our press tells us lie after lie in such big doses that you may find it difficult to believe the stuff I write.  So if that is the case I simply plead you go look for yourself.

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