Friday, October 16, 2015


I pay a small fortune for the media I get and I think I am getting screwed royally.  With 200+ satellite channels it never ceases to amaze me that on most night the past few months we are lucky to get one show we actually watch.  On top of that I have two internet services one a DSL line that delivers just 1 meg download speed which a lot of the time won't stream  a standard resolution film, and just forget High DEF. So to stream movies I went to Hughes Satellite service and even then to be able to watch essentially a movie a night you have to go to their highest service which rips $100 bucks/month .  On top of that we have two Kindles that we burn up bucks every month to  read at night that replaces somewhat the TV shows we don't get.

You may think we are just too picky on what we will watch and that may be true .  If I liked reality shows I might do better but I don't.  Often we resort to watching what an old dear friend calls the Chipmunk channels..Man I know everything I ever wanted to know about ALASKA STATE TROOPERS.  Enough vet shows to pass the veterinarian boards.

With 100 or so movie channels you would think even if by accident there would be at least one movie a night that we could watch, but no, hardly ever.  To counter there lack of shows to watch we also subscribe to Netflix , Acorn and Amazon movies , most times we come up with something to watch.

The latest Democratic debate clearly shows we are being led by the nose by our news media.  Even though all the polls showed Sanders clearly the winner all MSM declared Clinton the winner. Anybody who actually watched the debate knows Sanders clearly won.  Clinton did OK but she paled in comparison with Sanders. In most case Bernie was ahead by a ton in all of them except for a rigged CNN poll days after show Hillary ahead in NH , but don't believe them he is still clearly in the lead.

I wish I could say that the debate is the only thing they misled us on but that just isn't so.  For instance they are still blaming Russia for the downing of MH17 while the US still won't let loose of their intelligence, gee I wonder why that is?  The builder of the missile BUK ( a Russian co.) acknowledges that it was one of their earlier missiles that has been out of the Russian list of weapons for a very long time.  All existing evidence from unbiased sources say that the Ukraine forces were responsible.  The latest Dutch report doesn't name a culprit but identifies the missile as Russian.  When  you read that the Ukraine's had control of what info was included in the report shows me that you can't believe a word in it.

Before that it is common knowledge that the US engineered the coup in Ukraine and installed puppets in line with our policies.  We blamed it all on  Russia , over and over again, but once again available evidence indicates we were behind the whole deal.

When none of the above would stick to Russia we conned the EU into applying sanctions on Russia and at the same time engineered with Saudi a wild drop in oil prices intended to bring Russia to the economic edge.  In a set of brilliant move Putin along with the Chinese set out to build a whole new economic system cutting out the IMF completely.  At the same time made deals with China  and other Bric nations to build huge projects that will bring all kinds of benefits to those involved , essentially cutting us off from a large chunk of trade.

Considering all the above it would appear it is time to collectively hurt those that are lying to us and the only way to do that is to change the channel which I have done.  If enough of us would do just that they would change their game.

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  1. I like it Grey Tiger,
    We don't just complain, we make them irrelevant. They are doing it to themselves right now. All the internet polls said Bernie Sanders won the debate by a land slide. CNN, the host of the debates, said he won by a landslide. Then a funny thing happened. The online poll disappeared and their talking heads declared Hillary the winner. Well, people took pictures of the on- line pole declaring Bernie the winner. When you are caught fixing the game by an engaged citizenry, you make yourself untrustworthy and therefore irrelevant. I am glad you changed the channel. Bernie Sanders for the win!