Thursday, October 29, 2015


Story after story of late has shown union leadership betraying their membership by pushing the ratification of contracts distasteful to the membership.  In most cases the contracts commit the workers to less benefits and lower  wages for all in the end.

On top of that you have union leadership endorsing political candidates that are not the choice of the membership.  While a large number of the members favor Bernie Sanders because of his stand on labor issues the leadership goes with Hillary (just another part of the corporate takeover of our country) causing an uneasy membership..One wonders just how long the troops are going to put up with this nonsense.

In case after case union leadership has sold out to management and their membership gets shafted.  Teachers unions are a prime example many of them have destroyed the teachers in contracts that ripped benefits from the troops.

Another show of just how corrupt our current system is Trumpka head of the AFL/CIO warnp;uuyed local leaders they have no right to endorse a presidential candidate , and they call this democracy?

Many locals have ignored the leadership and are endorsing Bernie and a large majority of the membership are backing Bernie do to a simple analysis of Hillary's labor policy.  Turmoil of this sort along with bargaining contracts that are detrimental to the membership cannot go on much longer till the membership revolts and throws the bums out.  None to soon for my money..

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  1. Perhaps we should look into just who the leaders of these unions are and what benefits they get by supporting Clinton.