Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Not the religious end times , I speak of the financial end times.  You would never know it if the MSM is your only source of news, according to them everything is A OK.  Well it's not and there seems to be no way out of this mess.

Large injections of fed money supposedly to cover derivative trades gone wrong.  The  major institutions are in hock for trillions of dollars of derivative bets that market swings of late has wrecked havoc with hedge funds, pension funds and other who use derivatives to cover their commodity holdings.  No body actually seems to know how big that time bomb actually is some claim it could be as high as a quadrillion bucks a number I can't comprehend.

Everywhere you look everything is headed for the bottom all commodities are tanking causing huge economic problems for all exporters of commodities who depend on high prices to finance their budgets.  Many of them are in serious trouble as their incomes fall from Saudi Arabia to Russia , Venezuela, Brazil and many others are scrambling to cover their bills.  Even cash laden Saudi is having to liquidate holding to cover their debts, therefore causing large movements of monies to cover which of course causes others holding debt to suffer too.

In every corner of the globe governments, businesses, institutions and people are all hurting.  Yet the financial press most of us see claim otherwise.  A simple fact remains 'YOU CAN'T BLOW BUBBLES FOREVER" Yet they try. We have watched the past few decades to bubbles being blown in tech stocks, real estate, and now the general market is ready to explode.  Some hot shots are saying the market is oversold and now is the time to buy, bullshit, it will blow up and soon.

Some analysts believe their is no way out the collapse this time. is unstoppable.  The EU is in shambles and running at depression levels of everything from unemployment , bankrupt banks and governments , people out of work with little prospects of finding work anytime soon.  With most countries implementing austerity programs to bolster their economies what in fact they are doing is making things much worse.

A  quick look at SHADOW STATS shows you unemployment steady at about 23% since 2009 ,GDP instead of a plus is actually running at a minus a couple of %.  Most perplexing of all inflation is running between 8 to 10% not a minus for sure.  You of course know this is you are the grocery shopper in your house .  While commodity prices are taking the stuff we require on a daily basis have been going up and up for years.

With commodity prices in the tank across thew board , company after company is shutting down because with commodity prices beneath the cost of production they are left with little choice.  As these companies shut down thousands of workers are on the street adding to the employment woes.

Without a doubt we are in a Global Depression , never mind calling it a recession, it is much, much worse than the MSM is  portraying .  Until the nations of the world take a clue from the last recovery from depression which involved huge inflows into infrastructure remake we will continue to go down, and down.


  1. How long can they keep this house of cards standing?


  2. Because anyone outside the top of the banking industry is not privy to the details, we don't know enough details. But something BIG happened Sept 16th (?) (See the Economiccollapse.com article) that suggests that is will be within months.
    Thank you Grey Tiger for supplying the proof (SHADOWSTATS) about unemployment being as bad as the 1929 depression. I knew it but everyone argued with me. You can see it all around us without stats.
    Good post.