Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Call it what you may but you have to admit something unusual is going on.  Last night I think Bernie Sanders showed why he is leading a movement or maybe call it a revolution .  It doesn't matter what you call it the size of his crowds tell you all you need to know.  Sanders at ever  event spends about an hour laying out his program and it has set fire the young voters of this country..  He strokes their justifiable concern about their future and offers solutions that are paid for through his programs.  That tells me all I need to know , Bernie's followers are here to stay no matter who enters the race.

Most polls after the debate show Sanders with a commanding lead in every poll some by 50% the only surprise in the polls were the few who had Webb coming in in second place which to me throws their polling to suspect something not as real as the truth.


The margin of  Sanders victory is in the words of TRUMP is HUGE!  In short Bernie kicked Hillary's ass on the issues.   Clinton is her very annoying performance  (according to me) reminds me of a Bobble Head Doll.  Watch her in the next debate as she stands there listening to somebody else's comments bobbing her head in the affirmative to every point.  Many of which she has discounted in other venues.  Her reluctance to take on the bankers and even suggested that during the housing crisis she went as Senator of New York  she went to Wall Street and asked them to stop their criminal actions which of course we know they ignored.  If that is the kind of action she will take against a crooked banking system what good could she possible do?

So for me the stage is set for a huge Sanders victory leading to the nomination.  Can he win the election in November?  My money says he can.  It will be interesting to see who ends up with the Republican nomination , my belief is that Sanders can beat any one of the 16 prospective candidates.

For my money a Sanders win is the only chance this country has of returning to a middle class recovery all others will just make it worse.

My take on the debate has Sanders widely in the lead, with Hillary a distant second with O'Malloy
in third.  Chafee and Webb are out of the game as far as I am concerned.  A Bernie Hillary duel will be  interesting when Hillary realizes she is loosing big time she will turn to her natural style NASTY, which will be the end of her.

Sanders for President , YOU BET!


  1. Seems to be every ones consensus that Chafee and Webb went down in flames. I think O'Malley will quickly follow. He was way behind and had to hit a "I agree with Secretary Clinton. Enough of the damn emails" moment : ) if he were going to stay in the race.
    Hillary put her foot in her mouth last night saying she worked for Wall Street. Which she did as an attorney. She told them to knock it off??! Really. Was that before or after she charged them $400 per hour? How did that work out?
    She did that big mistake on her own. No egg on Bernie.
    Many people get mad when I say this, but I am writing Bernie Sanders in if they steal the democratic nomination from him.
    If Hillary gets nasty it will play right into Bernie's hand.

  2. I believe there is a very serious movement going on and that both Trump and Sanders have tapped into it. Both are against the wars and against the hedge funds. Obviously Trump is a crazy mother fucker, but I believe a large number of his supporters will support Sanders too. The establishment is scared shitless because it's losing control of the process.