Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Our dear ole USA , always in love of flags of all kinds, currently trying to juggle three of them at once. What needs to be mentioned they are so damn inept at running these operations , that none of them have worked. Of course that doesn't mean they will stop trying.  I am only talking about three of them , there are more of but these are the one's they really want to win.

Let's start with the Ukraine.  First they trained the locals with some good mercenaries in the fine art of rabble rousing and sniper firing , they immediately into effect when crowds gathered and the sniping started killing many and wounding more.  Their goal is to eject the duly elected president of Ukraine (who was pro Russia) and replace him with  Neo Nazy and his thug associates.  Of course this substitute was (pro EU) making them pro USA at the same time.

Once installed they started mass killing of Russian speaking people ,even going door to door.  Remember the picture of the burning building (with window boarded up) with people trying to get out but failing. They killed with all methods of killing , door to door, massed together shot and dumped in the ditch.

They went after the populace of Crimea (mostly pro Russian) , cutting off water and electricity and started killing there.  The people stood up and demanded an election to go back to belonging to Russia , which won , and they were taken back under the wing of Russia.

As a civil war broke out in full with atrocities being shown committed by government sources , while blaming the rebels for the deeds.  To really  make the it look like the pro Russian force they published false pictures of weapons being brought across the boarder , mass murders etc all being blamed on the Pro Russian forces. 

They pulled a really stupid maneuver when commercial flight MH17 was shot down and blamed on the rebels once again.  Many who saw the plane or pictures of the plane said that the plane was not shot down ground missile attack , but by cannon fire from a fighter jet , and it is too bad that 2 Ukraine fighters were shown bird dogging the  flight . Evidence produced by others and called fake by the US was latter proven by multiple sources to  be true.

The fighting continues on today and it looks like the rebels have taken the day.   

Here come the conspiracy theory once again.  This false flag operation was planned and controlled by the US who has a preplanned operation.  Their end goal is to unseat Putin , downgrade Russian military strength, man the borders of Russia with missiles, ruing the Russian economy, and to reduce Russian oil sales by lowering oil prices.  Oh , and keep in mind they have several other countries in their cross hairs at the same time. 

By playing Putin as the bad guy , they got their nation friends to place sanctions on Russia , that coupled with the dramatic fall in oil prices (no accident) got Russia standing on tip toe to overcome their collective nonsense.  But Putin being smarter than the average bear, started making deals with the other big players on the block,China in multiple deals, India Brazil, with others to follow.  Putin and his allies are putting together a complete financial system ,to thwart the control of the vultures at the IMF.  Many players are lining up to join, as they can plainly see the demise of the Hegemony thrust of the US. At present it appears that Russia will survive in the short run, and end up being better off in the end.  This will put the US in the trash can where all hegemony  crazies belong.

FLAG 2= Another attempt to destroy the Venezuelan government , again by rigging the price of oil with the help of the Saudi government.  Maduro following  the plans Chavez put into play providing more money to services for the masses, a plan we obviously can't stand.  Coup after Coup has rained down on the Venezuelan people.  The opposition clearly stated their game plan was to return to corporate control all the companies Chavez had nationalized, privatize everything and to return to IMF control,  in other words destroy all the gains the people made under Chavez for of government.  There have been so many coup attempts in the past few decades, trying to corral all the energy sources in the world.  The US seems to not be able to tolerate any raising or the boats other than their own. Fortunately they snuffed this attempt and made the crazies run to the garbage pile  to plan not doubt other coup.

Flag 3- Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner President of Argentina of covering up a 1994 car bombing of a Jewish center.  The Chief Investigator of the incident. Alberto Nisman, was found dead in his apartment, hours before publicly testifying about an alleged cover up by President Cristina Fernandez. She was allegedly covering up Iran’s involvement in the devastation of the two buildings, again allegedly because of an oil for meat and food grain deal between Argentina and Iran may be at stake.

You got that ? A supposed coverup of Iran's involvement in that bombing.  Gee what a surprise the US and Israel plotting to put a war with Iran in their crosshairs.  Those two make me think of the drooling critter in Ailen, slobbering over the destrucion of Iran.  Destruction of Iran being a life long goal of both.

When you look at the after effects of these three operations and possible outcomes , you keep looking over your shoulder for the flash, for both the US and Russia have talked trash  talk about going nuclear.   

As we try to shutdown Russia , Putin chuggs along , one treaty after the other.  His latest accomplishment is to form a new financial system to circumvent  the sanctions .  When other nations sign on (and they will) for no other reason than to get out from under IMF control.

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  1. "All we are saying is give peace a chance." ~ John Lennon
    Came on the radio while I was reading this blog. How sad/fitting.