Friday, August 15, 2014


It had to happen.  Any econ 101 student knows what will happen if you load up a country in additional debt to pay off criminal bankers who through the great American derivative scheme drove those countries into debt they couldn't pay.  So in desperate measures had to sell off a countries treasures, public utilities, ports and all else of value to the bankers of the EU and still that hasn't been enough.

So the creditors of the EU have driven them into a Greater depression with negative growth, high unemployment , loss of export sales , and on and on.  Things look glum indeed with no way clear of the problem.  So an entire continent has been driven to their knees by crooked bankers.

The problem is not limited to the EU.  Take a good hard look at Detroit and you can examine up close the same effects being seen in the EU right here in the good ole USA.  

The PTB will not be satisfied till they have the whole world crawling on their knees begging for scraps.  A once great America is turning into a third world country with even worse effects predicted down the road.  Future job predictions show a glim picture of future jobs on top of the horrible loss of industrial production in this country.   With 23.3 percent unemployment  at present with more to come down the road.  The jobs that have been generated are mostly low wage service jobs .  Things are so bad that even Walmart is having trouble quarter to quarter.

Predictions down the road talk of robots replacing jobs like customer service, bus drivers, cab drivers, cooks, wait persons, almost all assembly jobs, nurses , doctors and on and on and on.  Which leaves one to ask "What the hell are all these folks going to do for income?"

The few who are reaping the benefits of this destruction are not concerned that the masses will have no way to keep their money machines going.  On investigations they really think they can put us all into slavery and still have all their money and growth.  History shows that when driven to desperation lots of things are possible.. The greedy of the time seldom can hold on to what they have and ours will not be able to either.

Of course all this could have been avoided if we had kept the regulations in effect that were placed to keep another great depression.  Those regulations worked for 50 years till rules were taken away piece by piece starting with Regan starting the ball rolling with the destruction of the Air Traffic Controllers union.  From that victory onto removing all the regulation controlling markets.  Dose after dose of trade treaties facilitating the destruction of almost all manufacturing jobs in this country.  Even once lucrative jobs on Wall Street have now been replaced with computers that do something over 80% of daily trades.  No brokers needed, just turn your computer on and trade , trade, trade.

Creating generations of people with no hope of rising out of poverty, slavery , or whatever name you put to it, find a way to change it back to how it was.  We shall just have to wait and see how it changes , knowing that it will get better in the future .  We have done it before now we have to do it again.  

The Asian countries have received most of the benefits of these acts as far as the common worker is concerned.  However a closer look at China, India and other countries in the Asian arena sees the eventual downfall of all these countries do to critical shortages in breathable air, drinkable water, and a deficit of power to push them to even more growth.   As those problems get worse you will see jobs return to the US but will this growth pick up those who have been left behind these last 30 years?  

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  1. Great article!

    You mention the Asian countries receiving most of the benefits. That is coming to a screeching halt as we speak. China's economy is teetering on the edge. The great prosperity was fake money printed by the Chinese Government much like our treasury and Federal Reserve did in the U.S.
    China built whole cities without buyers creating a similar problem to our housing bubble.

    I don't even have to elaborate on Japan.

    The world economy will never get back to what it was. It was built on cheap oil which we foolishly wasted. We can help each other through this huge shift. No PTB need apply.