Thursday, January 24, 2013


A new word?  A friend thought I had invented this word.  Sorry to say I didn't  but it does fit exactly my mood for the past several months...Exhaustipated means : TO TIRED TO GIVE A SHIT.

Exactly my mood since it dawned on me that my digging into economic theory the past 40 years has been a big waste of time.. The many schools of economic thought are championed by different groups who use the points they like to swamp our airways with loads of bullshit while waging huge fights to attract different groups of voters with their Hot Button issues.  Remember my  "GOD, ABORTION , GAYS , AND GUNS theory as the hot button issue for the conservatives.. and the social programs the hot button issues for the left.. 

While in the center ring where the real economics is practiced it's name is left unmentioned... It was used during the early phases of economic thinking and the study was called "POLITICAL ECONOMICS"  Those that practiced the art changed it to a science and dropped the Political label.   But that leaves us today with an old saying,, If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck , and quacks like a duct.. Then it's a duck.

So even though we call economics by many names , it is definitely not a science.  It's bribery plain and simple .. That's why to anybody with a brain sees the tripe they put out as economic programs never work.  Lately they didn't work , big time.   

The hot shot economists didn't see the housing bubble, they didn't see the dotcom bubble, and aren't seeing the bond bubble.. and worst of all they aren't seeing the derivative bubble which will make all other bubbles look tiny in comparison... at a 1000 trillion dollars when it bursts they will act surprised..  While us folks in the gutters know damn well that food, and fuel prices should not be going through the roof, No Demand should mean lower prices but that ain't so folks..

Now we are looking down the barrel of the debt ceiling crisis, and the budget cuts that they are going to make if they can.. Faced with a majority republican house that is on record saying that none of the President's proposals will make it through the house , in any form.. While in the Senate the tripe they railroad through the house will face a few non compliant senators who will block all that garbage however they can..

So here I sit, TOO TIRED TO  GIVE A SHIT, with no known remedy is sight.. Cheerful isn't it.. but we are helpless to fix any of it.

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