Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The two main schools of economic theory argue back and forth which one is right.. The neo-liberal side won't let you use graphs of older experiments showing their theories because they have been total disasters ..

So how about a live and upfront view of today . Two examples  of the different results pursuing the opposite strategies and the results.  Notice please 10 year old's working in factories to support their out of work parents..This should show you just how low the manufactures of the world will stoop to make profits.. They even brag how to overcome the low wages they are paying ,they are making 2 and 3 cent versions of things like toothpaste, and shampoo.

The conservatives try to use recent experiments of their unregulated, trickle down economic bullshit  as a great success story by once again using a snapshot of time to prove their point..Problem is if you run the program just a little further you get the EU the UK and others who followed their ideas are all wallowing in the depths of depression.. Huge unemployment, cuts is social programs and depths of despair not seen since the depression or the great wars.. 

As the first link clearly shows , Latin American development has been showing good growth led by folks like Cesar Chavez and other progressives that progressive economics does still work today.  

So now we sit here with living evidence that the conservatives are as wrong today as they have been wrong in the past.. and you have clearly seen in the articles presented they are willing to go back to using child labor is factories .. 

Clearly the only answer to stop them is a massive program by all workers and bill payers to stop working and paying bills , not even buying their 3 cent shampoos . Stop the wheel , the screams will be quick in coming and it will be from the fat cats who are no longer making a buck.. Sure everything will crash and then they will realize the depth of their mistake.. When all their toys quit working and their is no one willing to make them work again..Then we will have our day..

Sounds drastic , I know, but sometimes it is necessary to experience some pain now for a better life in the future..On our current path only misery lies ahead.

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  1. You could get this peaceful realignment going by picking a date and spreading the news far and wide.
    People may be ripe for it now.

    It doesn't seem drastic to me when I look around at what is happening to the people.

    I would suggest asking for food and $ donations at the same time. This can help the people who lose their jobs, give people who won't 'sick-out' a way to contribute.

    I think feeling they have a small safety net may also get more people to participate. Sort of the same thing unions do for members when on strike.

    Perhaps a sick-in instead of a sit-in? The flu and infections are epidemic in the U.S. right now so how would the bosses know if it was a legitimate sick day?

    Maybe two days for more impact. Make your demands clear and the fact that this is just a warning known.

    With a clear plan (sick in) and specific demands, I think it will have more direction and leadership than the Occupy movement. Therefor, be more effective.

    Hey, with SO many unemployed, what could they do on the sick out days?