Saturday, December 29, 2012


The Tiger has been very quiet the last few weeks.  He has been in the cave in the back of his pen brooding over the fact that few citizens seem to give a shit that we are about to be had again.. 

Yeah the Fiscal Cliff , that mythical drop purely invented by the polls to push us into accepting cuts in our social programs to save some of the tax cuts for the lower end folk... They are playing a very poor game of poker here.  They are holding two 3's and Obama has a full house.. Will Obama be out bluffed , I am afraid to bet.. I wouldn't but will he that is the question.

The weeks, months of debate on this subject have never revealed the true fixes to the deficit problem.. There are easy fixes to all the major drivers of the debt.. but you never hear of them from the politicians and only dam few talk and news personalities broach the real fixes... Just a very few in politics Bernie Sanders being one of the most outspoken and has named on the radio shows he visits some of the real fixes.. 

I've listed these fixes before and will do them again now , just in case you forgot..

Raise the ceiling on Social Security to 250K , that fixes the program far into the foreseeable future (although SS contributes nothing to the deficit problem the republicans want to cut it) because they always have hated the program..

Allow Medicare to negotiate  drug prices which will save half a trillion bucks over 10 years.

Stop using Civilian contractors to do military work.. cooks, drivers, comm folk, ordinary grunts and special forces should be all military.. I can't put a number on how much this would save but I'm betting over 10 years it would be at least a trillion..

Close all foreign bases that will not stand the scrutiny   of what they contribute to our defense policy.. We have closed many base inside the US how many how you heard of that were closed elsewhere.  Once again I don't have a number for how much savings are here but it would be a bunch. 

Discard building programs  for ships, airplanes and super super munitions we will never use.  

Stop all subsidy to corporations that don't need the help in what they do... support new development companies that need financial support till they get going.. Choose wisely, save a bunch.

Make Medicare Universal coverage for everyone, no exceptions eliminating Medicaid and other government medical assistance programs.. This one item all buy itself cures the annul deficit problem.. And tell those who object they don't know what they are talking about with their objection to the program.. Politicians don't pay much attention to our wants normally so why should they change to put Medicare in service for all.. Veterans would get a gold Medicare card covering every medical care a vet would need any where... 

Put a transaction tax on all financial transactions of 1/4 of a % bringing in lots of bucks and perhaps put limits on the Fast Track Trading programs that are 70% of the market and contribute nothing to the GDP.

Negate all derivative contracts  and prohibit all this type skulduggery   in the future.. Yep it would be busing contracts but they haven't stopped union contracts broken and pension funds stolen so why would they stop this..

Separate banks back to the each being only one phase of finance, either a Savings bank, or an Investment bank.. not both..

Severally limit the number of option contracts that can exist on any single commodity.. This stops all the speculative devices now being used to peak the markets at their will..

Stop the Federal Reserve pumping 90 Billion bucks a month into the banks buying up junk mortgage packages.. instead put that 90 Billion into rebuilding the structure and creating thousands of jobs and replacing aging bridges, schools, transportation systems, and fund retraining programs for all those displaced by change in job structure..

Last but not least , place import tariffs on all manufacturing that will create jobs in the industries that need to be done at home.. 

None of this will be done if we just sit on our hands.. We have to make our self heard and be loud and clear about our demands.. If we don't then take a look at most of the EU and see what they are doing for them, the same is planned for us.. We have got to stop it or be willing to give up the rest of what we have.. Your Choice.

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  1. Excellent post! Real solutions.