Friday, December 14, 2012


As the US government views the accomplishments of Mr. Chavez.  If you take the time to read this piece and see how Venezuela has changed under hugo you will understand maybe! Why our government hates his ass.  A huge reduction in poverty, large increases in income, more schools, neighborhood medical clinics, low income housing, more land to individuals and an economy that has grown at 4% + a year..  In 13 years Chavez has completely turned his country around, that's why we hate him.. He did that by Nationalizing industry , starting with oil... (which has largely funded his deeds)

The is despite all our efforts to undermine him. If you read any of books of the activities of "Economic Hit Men" across most of Latin America then you know why Hugo is on our shit list.. He didn't take the bait.

Us and our friends have been predicting his failure from the git go.. and like most of our other foreign strategy it has been totally wrong..

How Chavez is fighting Cancer and with any luck he will beat it.. If not we will see if his hand picked VP can keep things going.. One can hope so.. and yes by all means remember that Venezuela is the only oil company contributing to the fund to furnish low income families with oil.. All our companies showing the biggest profits of their life gave NOTHING.

The only danger Chavez is to the US is that we suddendly wake up and say hey he made life better and our guys are screwing us each day a little more.

I don't know what you call the US government of today but is sure as hell not democracy.. Fascist, or Corporatocracy perhaps, but whatever you call it , it needs to be changed right now..


  1. Great post.

  2. Interesting how this "poor" country's Dictator can "guide" their oil companies to benefit their people and country.
    Whereas in our "Democracy" our oil companys are breaking the economy and people with all their profits and they even still get govt. subsidies.
    Why does this happen? Maybe because the money that lines the pockets of the politicians from all those corporate election donations is too tempting to lose. This is another reason for a 2 to 3 month campaign limit.

    1. I sure hope Hugo survives his bout with cancer. You know as soon as he passes, the US will be down there trying to overthrow the government again.