Thursday, December 20, 2012


O'Reilly screams there is a war on Christmas , there's not.  But what we really need is a War on Religions. Leaders of the religious right after the Connecticut school shooting spew their evil beliefs that God allowed these killings because of the decadence of Americans.. Some were specific and claimed God did it because of God and Gays (Dobson) , Huckabee said because we have removed God from our schools.. Other claimed it was because of us allowing abortions.. 

Notice that all of these comments reflect on a very vindictive God who allows atrocities to happen because we didn't please him.. Now if that is true , Why would anybody confess to following such a God.. making you as vicious as he is.. 

A better case can be made that if you follow this God you are in bed with the crazies that have done the actual killings.. If we all followed these principles just imagine the life we would lead.. 

Instead if religions have to exist they should do good works like their Jesus suggested instead of spreading hate and discontent among the citizens... and to live their personal lives as they preach.. But they can't even do that.. Priests abuse children, clerical icons lead adulterous lives, practice acts they rant about on Sundays then are our Mondays doing the dirty deed.. In fact many have violated so many of the acts they scream about they should have been laughed off the stage long ago.. Yes the stage, it's all just as act founded on age old myths that have yet to be proven.. That's why we must believe the myths as the word of God .. and his word of late according to them is "YOU PISSED ME OFF , NOW YOU DIE" 

I better kneel down right now and pray, because the religious right has pissed me off and now they must pay.. Never fear, I'm not God lucky for you.


  1. Where is the backbone of the followers in these groups (Dodson, Huckabee,etc) when their religious leaders start spewing this vial, hurtful crap. Do they agree?! Scary.

    20 kindergarten children and school employees viciously slaughtered and they deserved it?!

    It is likely that some of these murdered people were the same religion as Dodson or Huckabee. How do they explain that? Oh yeah,it was god's will. Mean bastard.

    10+ on this post Tiger.


    1. The old saying "Guns don't kill people, people do" doesn't make any sense because how did the bullets get fired, if it wasn't for a gun??

      As usual, Bohner could not say what or if the repubs would support any legislation for any gun control.
      I have some guns and want to keep them, but they are registered and not assault weapons.