Monday, December 17, 2012


Granted it won't heal the wounds of those left behind by the 4 teachers who died in defense of their kids. But they  should receive the highest medal we have for bravery.. If they had been on the battlefield they would receive the Bronze Star.. but hell they are just teachers that the country has been kicking in the groin for the last few years..

You know those overpaid, shiftless, lame brains who teach our kids. Who should probably receive combat pay the way things have went lately.. Definitely not pay and benefit cuts.

Perhaps now you would like to reconsider your biased opinion that set out to destroy the status of these folks.. Perhaps you should go to the school tomorrow and shake the hands of your teachers and say your sorry for being as asshole.

Then think how many of you would lay down your life like they did..?  Oh sure , I'm sure you say you would, but I'm not betting the farm on you... You have demonstrated in the recent past what deep thinkers you are with your attack on teachers... Why should I think you could think this problem out.. I don't ..

All teachers can stand tall today in the glow from those 4 brave souls who laid down their lives for their kids..

In closing , how much do we know about those four teachers, we know a lot more than I ever wanted to know about the killer... All I needed to know about him is that he is dead and of course if so many knew he was screwed up (and apparently many did) (including his mom who paid the big price for not turning him in.. )  and the hope that we all will take action when necessary to put these folks in a place where society is  safe from them..

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  1. My comment on a poll to do "something" about the large number of assault rifles was this--
    If guns don't kill people, how did all those bullets get fired? I do want to keep my guns, but assault weapons are not made to kill people, not to hunt animals and 10+ shot clips are not legal for hunting.