Monday, March 30, 2015


Senator McCain once again sings his Bomb Iran , this time on the floor of the Senate. He is also joined by the New York Times and the Washington Post.  As noted on this blog recently the Drums of War are beating fiercely apparently all over the globe.

What about loosing do these folks not understand.  The last two wars in the Middle we had to walk away from because closure could not be obtained. Now these fools want to start a war with Iran or Russia , seems like they want a war and don't care where it starts.

Either country mentioned would be much harder than Iraq or Russia.  The case to do Russia could very well lead to a nuclear confrontation probably caused by us when we start to loose a land war on the continent.   A nuclear confrontation would bring about the end of life on earth as we know it.

To bomb Iran most likely would not stop Iran from pursuing nuclear power and convince them they need to build a bomb.  Most experts don't believe a conventional bombing would destroy their nuclear program.

Our citizens don't appear to be concerned at all of the prospect of starting a confrontation in either of the cases sited.  Polling seems to indicate that the people are behind these ideas.  Incredible as it may seem.  I can only hope that the blogging community will jump on the idiots running the country and cause them to pull their fangs in.



  1. I think the "majority" of citizens whom corporate media (CBS/NBC/FOX) claim support the war are the MAJORITY OF THEIR VIEWERS and not the majority of citizens. I don't watch them and did not know the corporate media was banging the drums of war. How sad :(

    Their viewers are the ones who will send their sons and daughters.

    It appears a lot of the corporate owned media's viewers still believe these are news organizations. They do not realize they are owned by multinationals who manipulate/suppress all content to promote whatever agenda they want. For example, promote war for the military contractors (A Billion $ industry).

    There is a saying, "Give me control of the money (banks) and I care not who makes the laws." It could apply just as well to mass media, where 6 multinationals owns all the main media (TV and newspapers.)

    The younger generation appears much more critical of mass media. I can think of very few who watch "main stream" news. My guess is they have grown up with a "main stream" media that was already corrupt and obnoxious (unending advertising) where as my generation grew up with Watergate and individual reporters who were damn proud to expose corruption, not be part of it.

    My point being, we believed the media was there to protect us and expose corruption to help keep our Democracy somewhat honest. Growing up with that, we were slower than the younger generation to see the insidious change from courageous journalism to corporate agenda mouthpieces.

    Other than that, I don't have and opinion. : )

  2. McCain sang like a canary as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and even had his own radio show in Hanoi. He was a traitor then and a traitor now.