Saturday, March 21, 2015


Think back to the 2012 presidential election, remember how sick you were of seeing campaign every 10 seconds (it felt like that much).  Your fast forward button on your VCR was worn thin from all it's use.   All that was bought with 2 billion bucks.  Remember again how sick you were of those adds.

Start your finger exercises now , you have to be ready for 2016 because they plan spending 5 billion bucks.  Instead of 8 adds between the show you can probably expect 16.

What's a fellow to do.  I can think of but a few choices left open to you,
1. Turn off the TV
2. Subscribe to Netflix Amazon and other movie sources(be careful some of them have adds too)
3.  Buy a Kindle and read , read , read.
4. Never read a front runners promises, you know they don't mean it..Just think Obama and you'll see my point.Think Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, O'Malley.
5.Don't even consider a republican, they are all out to screw us and they as a unit are war mongers too boot.
6. If you decide you don't like the choice of the two major parties by all means think some other vehicle.  Independent , Green , whatever.
7. Sure you may be actually be throwing your vote away but at least you can smile and say "I DIDN'T VOTE FOR HIM"  yeah, yeah, I now you'll find it hard to do, I do, but damn it this time I
am going to just that.
8. If you haven't already figured it out any statistics put out by a government source in a manipulated
fairy tale.  ( a dam lie is some circles)
9. To take a look at the few numbers you actually need go to Shadow Stats  where the numbers you see are figured without all the adjustments , you will soon see that what you see there is what your eyes tell you is the real world .
10. One major rule "do not vote for anyone who wants to privatize anything.  Don't believe me check out Latin America in the 80's.  Or for that matter the EU since 2008.
11.  Anybody talking Austerity measures to balance the budget, can them immediately (while they want to cut benefits to you they want huge increases in military spending.

I don't think you'll be surprised what 5 billion dollars can buy, the only question for you is can you survive the adds that money will buy.

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  1. 12. Don't watch the election returns. It will only depress you.