Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Religion must be a fragile as a butterfly wing.  Any touching of it and it falls apart.  The law just past in Indiana is just the latest in actions that spells our how easy it is to shatter one's religion.  This all over a baker who didn't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  It takes a mighty stretch of one's imagination to see how this could effect the baker.

During my Catholic days I don't remember being defensive of the beliefs held by the church.  Way back then I began to believe that the faith was pretty shaky as the nuns spent a lot of time castigating things liked mixed religious marriages,  god wasn't in a Lutheran church, missing mass on sunday was a mortal sin and on and on.  Thru 18 years I was a believer but with ever growing concerns that the was nonsense.  Telling a women she could not use birth control even if getting pregnant would probably kill her.  Another killer app for me was when the nun in front of the whole class said my invalid sister was punishment from god for the sins of my mother.

So a few years later soon after graduation one of my closest friends (a catholic) was marrying a non catholic girl.  The parish priest did everything he could do to not perform the marriage even though the girl was willing to do the required lessons.  So after many month my friend married the lady in her church.  My pastor on that day said in at mass that anybody who attended the marriage or even sent a present was in a state of sin..To show you how strong a hold on people the faith had in those days his parents did not attend the wedding and never set foot in their house ever.

Fundamentalist today exhibit some of the same stiff practices of their faith way beyond the importance of the action they oppose.  An example that wigged out old man who brought his gang of freaks to the funerals of gay soldiers, it took a motorcycle gang to drown out their chants.  Their reaching into the lives of others to say what is wrong or right according to  them goes way beyond  what should be their concerns.

Every religion I have ever tried all thought they were the only way to heaven.  I've often wondered if going to heaven was a really good deal..Most of those who I knew well enough to gauge their chances of going to heaven told me heaven would be like most of my navy days , full of back to back watches and no liberty.

These religious guys need to clutch their bibles and hunker down in their religious caves and mind their own damn business.    


  1. "Religion is as fragile as a butterfly's wings." I like that and it says a lot. Just why is it so fragile? Why does it just have to be believed and not questioned?
    Why does it continually change if it is real? Why are there so many different ones?
    Why doesn't god(s) tell people if they are worshipping the 'wrong' religion and then not let them into heaven? Car accidents, priest paedophiles, birth defects, cancer, war, babies dying and only god knows why? He should bloody well explain himself. That sure wouldn't stand up in court.

    I agree they should mind their own business.

  2. Damn, no wonder you're an atheist! Nice job.

  3. All the Christian religions profess there is only one true gpd -- their GOD.
    Hmmm, then why are there so many religious orders, sects and churches??
    Do American Christians realize that the Germans, Russians, etc. all pray to a GOD, son and virgin mother that looks a lot like theirs?
    Allah is not the same as their God and other faiths have "gods" and leaders by other names, so they are bad gods.
    However, there are some unbiased faith believers who follow teachers and leaders like Buddha who help them to help themselves by chanting and putting their minds at easy to help them see solutions to problems rather than expecting their all powerful "GOD" to do it for them.
    They believe there is no one god, but many who have come before them and others that will follow.
    Makes more sense to me to be able to chant and pray in my own home and temple than paying a tithe to build a building that I have to dress up to visit on one day and only during certain hours to listen to nothing but sinful events that are written in the "Good?? Book".
    The Christian faith is based on God's son Jesus being reborn to save US from our sinful ways. Why are there three different versions of the death and rebirth in the Good Book??