Saturday, March 21, 2015


For all you whipsnappers out there who may not know what the MAD doctrine of the cold war meant .  It was the doctrine of the Cold War that both sides understood if you launch a nuke we will launch all ours which pretty would spell the end of civilization.  Those of us manning our missile subs operated on the theory that if we go a launch order we essentially would have no place to return so why not launch the whole load.  Maybe because we were insane or maybe because we believed neither side would be stupid enough to launch the first one, we were able to go patrol after patrol.  There were 43 missile boats in those days a formidable force.

Leap forward to today.  The Russians and the US have 4000 active warheads with other players with some number of warheads. It's safe to say that there are warheads once again sufficient to blow us all away.  The difference today is that some in the US  leadership are talking about being able to launch a first strike and survive.  You have to realize that thinking like that is pure insanity.  I can't imagine serving on a missile boat today with the fools in power thinking they can pull a first strike.  It would be very difficult to launch with the thought that you might be the first launch .

Of course you have heard nothing in the MSM about this crazed thinking. Instead you hear of Russian aggression in Ukraine , a fight we started by proxy, funding and training the early participants. After all attempts to pin the affair on Russia we now are sending heavy arms and special forces training teams to the Ukraine.  Russia knows that this is a blatant attempt on our part to move missiles closer to the Russian border.  Any body who actually believes we could win a ground war in Europe should take a look at the ass kicking we got in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In response to our aggression Putin has made a strong alliance with China and formed the BRIC treaty to establish a new financial system to end around the World Bank.  Much to our disliking other nations are flocking to join this new system.  We have tried to strong arm  some to not join but they did anyway.  This could spell the dollar loosing it reserve status.

Applying sanctions on Russia will hurt but they will survive.  The low oil prices are hurting both Russia and Venezuela economically but something I'm sure our brain thrust didn't count on was other nations rushing forward to come to the aid of both countries .  Stay tuned for more later.

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  1. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is back on the table.