Thursday, March 26, 2015


Oh, I know climate change.  I know some don't like to use that word specifically if you blame it on man.  At this point in time it really doesn't matter who you blame you just have to acknowledge that change is happening all around us.

Many refuse to admit that big changes are happening in our oceans.  Acidity is up, temperature is up and now to add insult to injury the Great Conveyor is starting to slow.. The gulf stream which is the strongest of all the ocean currents is slowing dramatically  .   When glaciers melt they put fresh water back into the system.  This addition of large quantities of fresh water from glacier melt and artic ice melt  mix with the saltier water and disrupts the flow of water in the current.  The current slowing is bigger than all previous slowing and will bring about major climate change as it has before.

Research goes back to the year 900 which shows that the conveyor has slowed or stopped completely many times in past history.  The slowing cause vast swings from normal some of which have caused Europe to cool by ten degrees and other place togain or loose rain depending on where they are located.   Shifts cause ocean temperatures to vary from normal causing ocean life to shift to new locations.  You can read about this happening right now.  A quick look at the Pacific ocean reveals the following horrible facts yet few seem to be concerned .  Here is a list of just a few of the things changing right now.  Sardines, krill, star fish, sea lions , whales, polar bears are dying in large numbers do the the many factors affecting the ocean.  Most if not all the troublemakers are man made in one form or another.

Americans seem to just ignore what is going on around them as most of the bad news goes unreported .  Corporations don't want us to know they are to blame as it will affect their bottom line.  What they don't seem to understand is our bottom line is falling dramatically and when we bottom out so do they. China recently has talked about shutting down all their coal fired plants , probably because their air is un breathable a lot of the time.

The disruption of food sources for some ocean species spells their doom.  If Krill for instance goes away everything above them starts to go.  To aide in the destruction of ocean species the harvesting methods is causing great inroads into certain species.  They have even started to harvest large quantities  of krill and sardines the food sources for lots of critters in the ocean.

To add to the declines of ocean creatures the harvesting methods and customs are fast reducing populations up to 90% .  Large factory ships hauling huge nets taking everything in their path, keeping what they want and throwing all else back dead.  The killing of sharks in the millions each year to only harvest their fins has reduced their numbers to a small fraction of historical levels.
The taking of whales for supposedly research by the Japanese is a total lie but somehow the world tolerates this kind of behavior.

I see little hope that the world will change their ways to turn these events around.  Not too far in the future we could see an ocean with little life left in it.  We would also see a lot of people dying from malnutrition.  We could turn all this around but most likely we will not.


  1. Oh my Dog, what do you say to something like this : (
    It is so sad what we have done to everything else on the planet.
    Anyone who hasn't, should go back and read the articles in this post.
    The Sea Shepherd is fighting the shark finning. You can see thousands of fins on roof tops drying. Incredibly sad.
    I am doing my part. Don't know what else to do/say.