Wednesday, March 18, 2015


What does the scorecard on our overthrow of the government of Ukraine.
1.  Crimea voted to return to Russian Control.
2. The rebels have defeated the army of the Ukraine and will most likely affiliate with Russia
3. Major allies in the EU have decided they have more in common with Russia than the US
4. Germany , France and even Greece do not back our power play in the Ukraine.  Greece offers
    Russia a port for their navy.
5.Drums of War sound throughout America
6.China investing heavily in Russia, signs huge oil and gas deal.
7. A whole new financial system is being put into play by Russia and China, funding a development bank to replace ImMF and The World Bank.  Major nations jumping on board , probably the end of the dominance of the US dollar.

Stirring Europe up is not enough for our neocons we have to declare Venezuela a threat and throw sanctions at them. (even though Obama said sanctions don't work we put them on Russia and Venezuela )  Other Latin American nations have backed Venezuela 

The Big Dick Impotence of  American Nationalism (title from points out we are led to believe we are the meanest kids on the block when in fact we have had our asses handed to us by a rag tag bunch of folks one cannot call an army.  When you add Libya, Syria to the list we have destroyed a large part of the ME.  Today the news is our embassy in Saudi Arabia has been closed do to threats.  

We  have blundered thru 3 wars if you count Nam.  In recent history we totally misplayed Iraq and Afghanistan , lied our way into Iraq and got way too involved in Afghanistan.  Thousands of troops lost their lives and thousands more came home mangled up.  Those two contests played with way inferior forces we lost.  Yet we want to take on Russia a much more competent force who would be protecting their homeland and we all should know how that worked out the Germans.

It's time for all  Americans to take notice of what is going down right in front of them and for a change JUST SAY NO.

The US does not want war but has no choice

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