Saturday, July 27, 2013


Paul Craig Robewrts citing the Yale Journal for International Affairs says the the US is planning a preemptive nuclear strike against China.  If the Yale Journal knows you can bet the Chinese know too.  

No doubt we have the capability of pulling off the strike and could probably blow China off the map.  But why would we want to.  You can think of several reasons but the chance they would attack are minimal. They do not have a navy big enough to send troops to our shores.  They are developing a fleet of missile subs not as good or as many as ours.   You  can bet they are targeted to deliver the most damage to large Us cities.

One must keep in mind we have lost the last two wars we started .  Iraq was attacked on false information because GW Bush wanted a war to make himself  a wartime president so he could pass programs that could not be passed in peacetime.

Doses China have a desire to attack us , I doubt it , because they have internal problems so huge they are devoting all resources to prevent a revolution.  As I predicted long ago China would run out of resources and would be unable to maintain the rate of growth for long.  You see it happening right now.  They build city after city that have no inhabitants and may never have any.

They have scoured the world buying up all kinds of resources and must have a way of delivering them to their shores.    We pushed the Japanese into WW2 by cutting off their oil.  We could do the same to China.

But the brains in the Pentagon have decided that a preemptive nuclear strike is what they want to do.  Early plans have already started to roll and no civilian has seen the plan.  What that constitutes is a runaway military totally out of control. 


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