Thursday, October 20, 2011


A grade school bet if you ever heard one.. ADD A LITTLE TO THAT AMOUNT $1.5 QUADRILLION (the size of the derivative market) and you have the banks betting with each other that various things of value will go up or go down.. Both the big guys are on one side or the other and the beauty of this is there is actually nothing of value involved.. Now I know you pull the ole SHARK EYE routine(your eyes roll back into your head) when someone dare mention derivatives , because you don't understand them and know you have been told they are way over your head, they are no,t and I simply ask you to read the next line and the dawn will come. I like GOOGLE STOCK , I don't own any and don't have to own any I just wanna bet that Googlle stock will go up,, my friend thinks Google stock will go down so we buy derivatives on either side of Google actual stock price.. and from these kinds of transactions the market value of derivatives is estimated to be $1.5 QUADRILLION . It's just that simple , nothing real exists is this market the only money involved is the cost of holding the position... Now my little brain says,, well hell, if there is nothing real in that market , let's you and I say , don't come to us we are not going to by that PIG IN THE POKE , you have held it so long the pork has gone bad and you'll have to eat it , cause we ain't gonna... ICELAND DID JUST THAT... If they can do it so can we...Don't be afraid of the talk that the whole system will come down,, it will, but the end game for us is the same.. A default will hurt but we will recover,, if we buy the derivative debt we will never , ever get out from under the debt.. It is no different than owing 200,000 dollars on a 30% credit card you can never pay it off. SO LET'S JUST TELL THEM"TAKE YOUR DEBT AND SHOVE IT" I ain't playing that game no mre Here's the link on the derivative crisis

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