Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The OCCUPY GANG has been targeting banks as the focal point of the problem.. I've been thinking the problem is much bigger than just banks.. I WAS WRONG ! While you can use your wide angle lens to look for culprits when you focus on the problem at hand you come back to the same core of corporations that are the cause of the problem. 147 corporations control a large chunk of the worlds commerce, the top 50 of those are all financial institutions. My focus has been to focus in on smaller parts of the same big bastards, perhaps thinking that I needed something to grab by the neck and shake.. Therefore I picked on Mortgage Brokers, Middle level banks, Mortgage institutions and such , which are all a part of the problem..but just the tail of the dog..The head of the dog was wagging the hell out of the tail so we would focus on it instead of the bigger parts.. It worked.. Meantime the 147 biggest corporations were making a killing selling junk to one another they knew was junk.. One might ask , well then they must have known it could not go on forever and they did, but they had a game plan.. They knew we could be convinced they were too big to fail (and they have sold that quite well) and that we could swallow the theme that we the taxpayer would bail them out, They have set out to make that happen and have been partially successful till now (Little Iceland is the only one so far to tell them to stick it and eat their own losses.) I think the world is getting to that point right now.. The Occupiers around the world are on the move. and with luck we can change the system.. Here's the link to the 147 stories here, here and here


  1. That's why they say bailouts create moral hazard. Now that hazard is coming home to roost. Hopefully.

  2. Thanks for the link to the "147 biggest corporations" article. Great information.

    Right or left, we are all the 99%.
    Keep posting!

  3. Excellent post! Well written, good analysis plus you admitted you were wrong!