Saturday, October 8, 2011


Till the shit hits the fan. Well it's hit the fans and the people have finally had enough. They are in the streets and the bad guys are worried. Who are the bad guys, you know, they are the one's protesting the protesters in the streets. The MSM is mostly flabbergasted because they want cold hard lists, they want identified leaders, they really want somebody to castigate. They can't find anyone to point the finger and they have to be careful pointing at the crowds, their grandma and grandpa or maybe even their sons and daughters are in the street. The last time the very same actions reaped the same depression on us laws were passed that gave us a fairly stable growth pattern for 50 years. Then Ronnie and the boys whipped out their trickle down economic bullshit on us and the following presidents added to the destruction of our middle class aided a abetted by our politicians and corporations. There were warnings all along and this little clip points them out. So here we are once again , headed down the slope of depression, the worst is yet to come, but now we are headed to the streets and I believe we haven't seen anything yet. It will get bigger , it will cover the world , and the worker bees will sting the hot shots till they go into shock and hear our grand bargain to restore the world to a decent place for the whole 100% not just the 1%. A word to the wise to the 1% , learn to share before you have nothing left to share. We are not going to share your place in hell for the pain, suffering and death you have caused, your on your own.

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