Saturday, October 15, 2011


This source Says we will pull all troops out of Iraq by the end of the year...Only 160 troops will be left in country to guard the $800 million dollar embassy. No mention of contractors anywhere , so how many of them will be left. Doesn't really matter we pissed away 4400 lives of American fighting men to fight and die in a war that lies got us into... Please don't bitch at me about the cost of providing future benefits for the troops who gave body and mind parts to this made up cause. Our reputation world wide has been destroyed by our politicians in supporting excursions like this, where we blew away Sadam's army in just a few weeks... Then proceeded to torture, rendition, and Gitmoize thousands violating all rules of war and law on the books.. and we (some of we) (me not included) said nothing.. It looks like the citizens are finally getting fed up enough to stand up to and throw out not only the politicians who supported these wars, and the corporations that bought them . The World is joining the Occupy movement and it grows bigger every day... It's being called CLASS WARFARE -a whole bunch of us think it's about time..

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  1. My prediction: Ain't gonna happen ... unless, they really do plan to go into Iran, and they want to get the troops in Iraq out of harms way.