Thursday, October 13, 2011


I never thought you would catch me saying Michele Bachman was right about anything but she was right on in calling the Pizza Man's economic plan THE 666 plan not 999 plan. I had heard bits and pieces of it on MSM but decided I had better go look at the whole thing... and I post it here for you to read in it's entirety if you have the mind to. Let's clarify who we are talking about when we discuss the effects of this plan. I will concentrate on the bottom 70% of the households in the country all who make $65,000 or less. The top 30% are on their own and I'm sure the closer you are to the top brackets the better you will like Cain's plan. So figure it out for yourselves. 1..It start's right out eliminating the Payroll Tax.. you know this is what pays your Social Security and Medicare (don't you?) this simply means it ends these programs as soon as they run out of current funds.. leaving a great big black hole for you to spend your Golden years wallowing in poverty as seniors did before these programs. 2. End Capital Gains Tax... which in effect would lower Capital Gains taxes to 9% instead of 15%. 3.Ends the Death Tax.. this affects something less than 1% of the populace. 4.Ends double taxation of dividends .??? 5.Business flat tax of 9%..lot left unexplained on this one.. must be a good deal for business else it wouldn't be included here.. 6. Individual flat tax of 9% .. Gross income - charitable deductions ...NOtice please your mortgage interest deductions go away under this plan which could add 500 to 1000 dollars to your tax bill. 7.National Sales Tas of 9% on everything food, drugs, everything.. which means for the high end of my bracket you would be looking at roughly $7000 in sales tax alone.. Phase II is just a rehash of phase one with the ultimate goal of doing away with corporate and individual taxes altogether. Now if you are in the under $65,000 household income bracket what in the above plan is good for you? NOTHING , ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... You would pay overall much more taxes than you pay now and the lower end of the bracket would really get hare as they spend a large chunk of their income on taxable items... At the same time their old age programs would be gone... this time for real... Just for the sake of it go back and look at the plight of seniors before the implementation of Social Security.. The bitch of it is , this program if implemented brings in less revenue than now.. STOP NOW, THINK GODDAMMIT.!! If the under 65 K bunch get nothing under his program.. and it brings in less money , somebody must be paying less taxes....GUESS WHO? Mr. Cain is the current front runner or as he says the flavor of the week... I didn't know Ben and Jerrys made an Ice cream called "CRAZIER THAN BAT SHIT"

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  1. In England, you dial "999" instead of "911." Emergency! Herman Cain at the wheel!