Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Problem with Corporations

The king of corporations "Walmart" has a problem , they can't figure out why their shelves are bare. They have hired consulting firms to find out why their shelves are so empty.

So even though I hate Walmart for many reasons I had to do my own research by touring the two Superstores we have here. Store #1 was busy , very busy , lots of full carts standing if very long lines to check out with the 3 overworked checkers trying their best to check you out. Probably had 20 checkout stations only a few were operational. On our walk through the store revealed damn few clerks in the entire store.. Their problem not enough help in store.

Store #2 , same problem , no clerks , few checkout people , just a very big store empty of help. They have to hire consulting firms to find this out,, OH ,I forgot they micromanage these stores from home base Arkansas. they don't have a clue what is happening in your local store.

In contrast, go to a local Ace Hardware for instance, lot of clerks, lots of knowledge, lots of checkout personnel.. You choose, bring back the locals..

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  1. Very interesting! Saw the same thing at our local Target. They have about 40 cash registers in there but only ten at the most are manned. I did manage to find what I was looking for, which was good, because there was no help to ask (not that there ever was). I also noticed that this year's motorcycle toys in the toy section are from two years ago. Big store, no people.