Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The Occupy Movement according to some has lacked specific action items... Well here is an idea that will work if we back it. As we can see today the response to Occupy from our current bunch of politicians has been at best luke warm to downright caustic . So the obvious weapon of choice for us is to flush the whole bunch House, Senate all of them.. Be Your Own Government is the movement that can flush the bought out bunch.. The goal is to replace all of them, but think about it for a minute .. We have seen how electing 100 or so Tea Baggers has taken control of the House of Representatives . So by taking a 100 or so seats in the house we could take control of the levers of government.. The few politicians that we might want to keep can be by simply backing the principles put forward by the movement... This is a straight forward doable plan, all it takes is us...All the Occupy groups are already the base ,just build on the base..


  1. I am the master of my own domain. Sort of. IT's a start.

  2. LOVE IT! Seems so simple but the time wasn't right until now. The 99% seem to really be getting that we have been had by the banks (over and over and over)and are ready to take control of our country back.

    Your point about not having to replace all of the Senators and Congress members to take back control of our government is very good one.

    What do we do for a President this election?

    My particular concern is that the powers that be will once again successfully divide the people. My new slogan is "Right or Left; We are the 99%" Pass it on :)


  3. hold your nose and vote for Obama if we could get control of the house and better control of the senate the ole compromiser would be put in a bind and we would win