Sunday, November 6, 2011


Throughout this financial crisis banks and other financial institutions have shown they are too big to exist but the glaring truth is they are too incompetent to exist .. This postshows they cannot track a single dollar transaction and threatened this coupe with foreclosure and ruined their credit rating while they were at it. From Ponzi schemes to flat out gambling a huge chunk of the financial world adds nothing of material value to the economy. In fact you can see clearly in the manipulation of the stock market with fast track trading transactions lasting on average 30 seconds do nothing but run prices up and down at will.. This means little to the average American as they own little stock personally. When they start playing in the commodity markets it does affect us on a daily basis.. Check you supermarket stubs over the last few years and you will be shocked at the increase of prices... Of course you already pooped your pants when you stopped at the gas station first. Quite simply these institutions need to be eliminated and or regulated stiffly to get them back to doing business as they were originally chartered to do..

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