Sunday, November 6, 2011


The recent Supreme Court decision that made corporations people seems to me to be a two edged sword. If corporations are people , then people must be corporations, and therefore should be treated the same under the law , tax law, civil and criminal law.. On the positive side for us people we should gain the right to deduct the cost of doing our family, that's right we should be able to write off food, clothes, transportation and every other cost of running our business (our family) When you stop and think about your own finances if like most of us there is nothing left in the old checkbook at the end of the month, it cost us all we make just to live.. so we would owe no taxes just like a majority of corporations . On the legal side if we were treated the same as present day corporations , we could lie, cheat, steal with no penalties just like the big boys.. We could invent products that were unsafe , don't work more than once, print our own money, make our own rules.. and escape without penalty Oh yeah, and we could go bankrupt with ease, reincorporate, shine our creditors, steal our house ,cars, and boats by moving them to a foreign flag registrations making them untouchable by our laws. Sounds like a totally democratic idea to me.. Liberty for ALL!


  1. There seems to be some support for a Constitutional Amendment declaring by law that corporations are not individuals. I wonder how long it would take to shove that through the process?

  2. Until we change the makeup of congress I can't see this getting the the amendment stage..