Friday, November 11, 2011


Every other day it seems, I see a story decrying the lack of skilled labor in the US today siting the lack of skills such as machinists, electrician, operators, all the old blue collar trades that existed just a few decades ago. It could not possibly be that the icons of industry shipped a huge amount of the blue collar jobs overseas and forced the closing of 50,000 factories in the states.. Throwing millions of middle class jobs out the window with no replacement even considered. So of course when all those jobs disappeared the strength of the unions that had made them good paying jobs lost a lot of their political power. 7% of the work force , down from the high point of 35%. Ole Ross Perot had it just right the sucking sound continues today as even this late in the game, factories are closing, jobs are disappearing and we have a 22% unemployment rate.. With things in the job market looking so bleak employers have the ability to drive wages forever downward..Then a few states pass laws that drives the illegal work force they have been exploiting for 30 out of site overnight.. The employers cry their crops are rotting in the fields, nobody will stand 10 hours a day for minimum wage gutting catfish. I haven't heard a peep out of the slaughter houses but you can bet they are scrambling for workers too.. Once shitty but good paying jobs disappeared when the illegals were put in these jobs and would work for little (which was still better than their home countries) . Now that they have destroyed the work force from both ends , they cry and cry. I would guess the thought never crossed their minds that if they upped their pay the workers would come... Why should they probaly have a CDS to cover that happeing.. So instead of paying a decent wage they let it rot and collect the insurance.. A recent poll of 18 to 25 year olds found that manufacturing jobs was dead last in fields of work to train for... They act surprised. Jesus Christ they spent the last 30 years destroying the blue collar jobs that their fathers used to give them a good middle class life style and maybe in the end years of their life riding the unemployment rolls.. and gaze in wonder that no one wants to train for these now nonexistent jobs. Gee what a shocker.. Let's not even consider that if they did want to train for a manufacturing job just where in the hell they would get their training.. The school system won't even consider vocational training as part of their curriculum, the unions have down sized their apprentice programs and the very folks who need the help think they can go to a labor tree and just pick exactly what they need.. What spend money on a training program , are you kidding me , there goes their bonus or their stockholders rise in return.. In the same article linked above the opening sentence says "All economists know that a strong manufacturing base is essential for a strong economy" just where the hell these smart asses been the last 30 years as our manufacturing base was destroyed. We all sat by and watched because we were told the Walmart would sell us the junk from China cheap, they sold it but I don't see the cheap now except in quality.. In the end the old saying "What goes around comes around" is going to happen in manufacturing business. China and India have had their day in the sun.. Power and water and pollution will bring their success to a screeching halt. Their own internal financial problems will force them to concentrate on their own country as they join the now "OCCUPY THE WORLD" movement.. The movement will become a political force in time but I doubt it will bear the name Democrat or Republican in any thing other than name... It will bring about a change in how things are done, what we the people want will once again come into play.. At the bottom of despair you have to keep your eyes focused on up..Hard to do I know.. Just do it and get involved..


  1. I wondered about the disconnect between high unemployment and U.S. companies complaining about lack of skilled labor. You did an excellent job of putting the pieces together.

  2. I think this is gonna take a lot longer to play out than we realize, the Great Decline, and if we adjust our attitudes now, it'll be a lot easier.