Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Romney/Ryan are mainly talking about the 47 million that pay no federal income tax and that is true but they hardly free loaders.. Most don't pay because they don't make enough money for household size to owe any federal tax..they do pay payroll taxes but that doesn't count in this argument ...

So to be fair we should say that 7000 who made over a million in 2011 paid no federal income tax along with 30 corporation that paid none.. 

Let's look at who else Romney/Ryan want to stick it too.. 

For the  58 million on Medicare they want to give a voucher (amount to be determined later)(some put 6400 bucks as the number) but we don't know how much for sure..We do no that if they were successful in repealing Obamacare a lot of folks looking to buy health care for any amount would find they could not buy insurance at any cost... because preexisting conditions would be used to deny them coverage... A fact that today a good plan cost in the range of 16000 bucks..would put health care out of the range of many people even if they could qualify...

Today there are 53 million on Medicaid 2/3 of which are seniors in long term care..It's Romney/Ryan's plan to take huge chunks of money out of medicaid which would mean your aging parents would be living at your house..If you think that's fun try it, we did and it is damn hard work..and the things that Medicaid make available to you the caregiver would be gone,, you get to do the baths and other health needs , respite care for you to take a break ,, all gone under their plan.

Today there are 55 million on SS .  The Romney/Plan would privatize at least part of your retirement account removing the security blanket that today's seniors depend on for large chunks of their income.. If they were successful and got your whole account put in the market I would suggest anyone who is already doing it by choice how they have done the last ten years..

Their are 12.5  million unemployed, they would drastically reduce the time you would get it.

46 million on food stamps today would go hungry and that includes a lot of seniors that depend on them to eat.. Start checking out cat food prices now..

3.4  million of welfare would have nothing under their proposals.. 

If we are unfortunate enough to elect these folks roughly

It's is hard to believe that seniors are supporting these pukes.. only thing that makes sense with this is these guys think they will be dead before the changes are made...

If you want to see the plight of people who did without our current benefits  go look at senior life before SS and it's easy to find pictures of food lines of the time...

No matter how you cut it electing these fools will be the dumbest thing Americans have ever done.. Yep even stupider then electing GW Bush twice.  We can only hope that these clowns don't make it...

who pays federal income tax

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  1. Wow, a lot of numbers. Perot, Clinton and I applaud you. Too bad the conservatives don't understand numbers and only listen to the words (lies) that the conservatives spew.
    Just looking at most of the tea pottiers around NorCal you would have no idea they are the 1% and don't care about all the SS and Medicare cuts their candidates are promoting.