Friday, September 28, 2012


It has been suggested by some readers of this blog that I need to read other than left wing news.. and some won't probably believe this confession..

On the TV I watch John and Jenna (fox) (I have a thing for Jenna)  Martin Bashir (msnbc)  at 1 and for my evening news I watch Shep Smith (fox) with occasional glances at CNN and MSNBC if I hear of something special.going on .For instance for braking new I go to CNN probably out of  habit..

On the net:   I have on my Google Reader 100 news sources that provide me with the top stories from each that I scan at least 40 of them on a regular basis and read any headline that is in my interest areas..economics, politics, world events, science..climate change.  oil, gas, and food supples.

Then it's fun stuff till bed time and then it's talk radio time... Here you got me most of the shows I like are progressive , when I want to hear some conservative stuff I will tune in Tom Hartman as he quite often debates conservatives..a real good way to see how the stories fare against Tom..Not too well most of the time.. They are not shout pieces he'll cut off a guest who tries to command the show..
If I want a ranting view I listen to Mike Malloy the wildest man on radio.. For information and a little fun there is always Norman Goldman.. with a little Ed Shultz Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Miller when I want to laugh, Randy Rhodes for just some straight talk.. There is a lot there to please your taste buds..

Yeah your right there are no Limbaugh, O'Reily ,Hannity, or Savages all that hate ain't good fair for late night listening , to be truthful any time..They are so full of hate backed by imagination (a fancy way of saying lies) you can burn up your fact checker trying to verify the slaver out of their mouths..

If my critics are saying I don't read their preferred sites they are mostly right but I do read right wing stuff if it comes in my reader and their are right wing sites on it and right wing commentators on a lot of the pages.. You will have to scratch hard to disprove anything I write with actual facts , if you can please do , I will look at it..

So in closing,, Yes I am a proud Progressive and a Atheist to boot , so I have no God hangups , I do try to follow most of what is the good books of faith in that I  am concerned about the plight of all , especially those who don't have.  Do I think those on welfare and food stamps and unemployment are just sucking on the government tit.. Hell no , they would much rather earn a living and have a good life without going thru the   humbling experience of getting all that help.. Are there some of these who are riding the system ,Oh hell yes.. but they are doing a lot less damage than the rich of the world out to get richer at the cost of everyone else.. Most conservative I know complain of all those riding the dole while their rich compatriots rob, steal and cheat their way to being super rich..There is something basically wrong with conservative to be so mean at hear when they claim a deep Christian belief.. It confuses me.. It pains me It makes me want to see them never in power again,

The last 32 years this country has been raped and stripped of it's riches from Reagan on, democrats and republican alike... From Trickle Down to downtrodden they have destroyed the country, they should be held accountable.. I am at a loss on how to make it right again...

And finally I do use Fact Checkers to verify what has been said...Not that I agree with their every conclusion, but I do read how they made their decision.. and that in the hope that my writings are of some worth (at least to my pride)

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  1. ah yes tiger---much learning has driven you mad
    but we sure love your spunk . to quote someone
    whom you deny(JESUS)as an atheist . the poor
    will be with you always. let those that do not
    work fend for themselves but take care of the truly needy . we only disagree on who are the
    truly needy . is it the lady who draws welfare in 5 counties under different names--and votes
    the same----several cases--i'm a simple man
    but i do not agree the rich should be charged
    for this incompentence. one report (john stossel)
    says the cases are near 30% which as a landlord, i have personally observed for many years. i believe if we could get rid of these frauds and moochers, there would be plenty for everybody without robbing from the "rich"
    wanna hear some needy bum stories --stop by
    love ya man--t.y.g.a.