Monday, September 24, 2012


I said a long time ago that manufacturing would come back to this country..The reasons I have stated many times in the past , neither China or India had the necessary power to run all those computer intense sites and when shipping got costly the work would shift back here.

Now it has started and it will grow...Now that they have destroyed the middle class and drove off blue collar workers they think they are going to waltz back in here and pick up where they left off. They probably will but not if I was running the show...

They would be required to set up a system such as Germany runs now and we use to do in the old days  They would be required do set up training facilities to retrain workers they walked away from..They would be required to run apprentice programs and yes they would be required to be union shops.  They would be required to provide the downturn help that Germany does . They would be required to provide health care and pensions they did not control and could not steal at will..

Don't like my requirements , I guess you can move some where  else but be aware there will import tariffs high enough to make that unprofitable.. You can screw the pooch only so long till you get bit.


  1. Yes, it was interesting to see the workers riots in Taiuyan today. Evidently the word has gotten out how little they are getting paid and the long hours they work. Sad thing is, they probably won't be able to quit and go home because most of their wages were probably going to the company store and rent for the barracks.
    Did you notice the precise marching of the 5k or was it 50K "police force". Sure looked like military troops to me.

  2. When Romney talked about visiting a factory in
    China and the factory had high wire fences topped with lazer wire and guard towers were to keep people out who wanted the jobs..while we all knew they were to keep the people in.