Thursday, September 27, 2012


Signing a bill yesterday that lowers the amount of API that makes up the students grades.  Now they only count 60 percent and will allow schools to concentrate on areas like science and social science and industrial training (what little is left).  As will see when you look at the link, several other good things in the bills signed..

Finally a change to schools that makes some sense...To bad that API can't be done away with completely .  Back in the day when I went to school in  a cave there were no exit exams . Your teachers along the way graded you performance quarter by quarter with the final grade for the year being the average.. add up the finals for your 4 years and you have a grade , not some fictitious number off a standardized test... Hell you can slough off for 4 years , study the test only for four years and probably do as well..

There are problems deep inside every school and the only way they will ever be changed is for parents to back their kids teachers when they are notified of a problem with the administration..The teachers are just waiting for some backup and then things will change..Screw Obama and Duncan's fire everybody and make charter school plans.. Like football , bring back the real teachers to control rather than flunky administrators.

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