Tuesday, November 4, 2014


But lord knows what they had in their minds.  We have been in recession /depression since 2007 mostly held down by austerity cuts forced by a congress that has had it head far up their asses , right along with President Obama.  If you look at the real numbers(not the government type) you find that we have made zero headway on a sustainable recovery.

So what does our esteemed voters do, well of course they gave the republicans complete control of both houses.  The bunch of loonies will most likely force more cuts and succeed in driving what little recovery we have made.  The recovery we have made is only supported by low wage service jobs that come and go with fluctuations in the economy.

So what do I expect the next two years to bring.  More of the same I would guess , more bills will be passed but the big question is how many or them will Obama sign..  Or perhaps the Democrats play the same game in the Senate as the republicans and block everything from coming to a vote then we will have four more years of nothing of note happening.

So my question to you is simply this " What will the voters do in 2016 if this congress does absolutely nothing?"

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