Sunday, November 23, 2014


Somebody needs to get a grip on these folks.  Fracking companies have been pumping used fracking fluid into clean water aquifers contaminating them so they can't be used for drinking or farming.  The State troops say it must have been a paper work error but the size of the screw up indicates to me at least that somebody was on the take and allowed this to happen.  3 billion gallons of fracking fluid have been injected into these aquifers and that amount of water couldn't be a mistake.  Something terribly wrong with this.   The story is HERE 

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  1. You know what else is also absolutely nuts? These same fracking companies won't tell citizens the chemicals they are using. It is "proprietary information" what they are poisoning the public's water with. California farmers are heavy users of the aquifers right now because of the drought. That poison is going right into our food. These absurdities keep coming fast and hard. I believe step by step we are seeing a collapse.