Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why the Pundits Are Wrong About the Debate | Alternet

Romney carried the night, no doubt... It looked like the president showed up to take a nap.  The moderator let both candidates walk all over the rules and neither would shut up when asked..Romney I thought acted like the school yard bully we have heard about.. Obama acted like he didn't want to play.

All is all what did we learn about the details of their intentions for the most critical thing we face jobs.. I'm betting none of us will like how either one handles the budget problems.. 

I do know this , Romney's plans/plans for Medicare/Medicaid will be devastating to people 55 and over today... It will be and you know it, for anybody to deny that it will certifies they are crazy..

Neither stated how they would fix SS probably because both ideas are terrible.

Please tell me what the hell Romney needs to spend 200 billion a year more on military than they have asked for.. Shows you at least the military knows how to be embarrassed..   

So all in all this debate was a waste of time information wise, and definitely not entertainment.ZZZZZZZZZZ

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Why the Pundits Are Wrong About the Debate | Alternet:

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  1. another bloviating of the true facts.
    romney will put the 716 billion back into
    medicare that was taken out by obama care
    which will strenghten the program while
    adjustments are being made---non of this
    "we have to pass it before we know whats
    in it" crap. also ss will not be effected
    by those over 55.(ryans plan) i can understand
    why you thought the debate was ho hum there
    just wasnt much there for a dem. audance