Thursday, October 18, 2012


While I have picked on Obama and his lack of leadership in accomplishing the tasks he promised , I have to consider that there was a planned disruption of his presidency starting on the day he was sworn in.   Surely he must have know this which makes his attempts at compromising with the right wing a pretty bad idea.  True it would have not gotten any more accomplished and the fact he got anything done was a minor miracle..

Let's for the sake of argument give everybody a clean slate and judge them only on what they have displayed in their quest to fill the number 1 chair..I consider not only what they do personally but also what their affiliate groups do too. After all that's where most of the money is. 

Both  of the money pools slings all kinds of misinformation repeatedly at the voters a good bit of it flat out lies.. What is troublesome about that is it works.. In arguments with the right the one liners surface all the time and when  you ask did you actually check the fact you are keying on I have never gotten a yes.. If Rush says it it is held as gospel...The left don't have a all powerful representative in this department.. We have some very good talkers but none are held on the pedestal like Limbaugh.

So I am applying a more simple rule to judge leadership ability.. and will use just the debates for this argument... round 1 , Romney won and the right went nutso.  Obama admitted almost right away "I screwed up".   

Round 2, the VP debate.  Biden wiped the floor with the little viper and the left said well done Joe, the right went apeshit accusing Biden of being a bully and Oh my god he was laughing  and actually called Mr. Shark Eyes on his falsehoods.. It just wasn't gentlemanly..and then attacked the moderator, who actually did  a pretty good job.. Blame the questioner yeah that's leadership.

Round 3.  The second presidential debate.. Obama clearly won (he was back on his game) and the left said just that , "The President was on his game"  The right whined that he lied (they should talk) and that once again the moderator did them in. when actually Candy did a good job trying to control the bullying of Romney and Obama's attempt to get equal time.. supposedly the clock had Obama doing 4 more minutes but it didn't seem like that.. On the Embassy attack Obama once again showed leadership in saying the fault lies with me not Hillary... I'm the Prez and the buck stops here.

So for my money the facts and leadership quality of the two still have me voting for Obama, perhaps his second term will garner a little more cooperation from the right , it better or we will all experience a Greater Depression.   If things don't improve soon on cooperation we will have to start the march to a third party option..

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