Saturday, October 20, 2012


The Japanese have identified a new class of depression caused by a classic case of overworking and over demanding output exceeding the capability of an individual.. They respond by being unable to face going to work yet function normally in their social lives..

The Japanese are about 20 years ahead of us in the economic cycle and have been in downturn mode much longer than us.. We now see in our workforce increasing demands of workout output and time at work.. You can only push people so far till they crack.. The easy way to cope is the Japanese way , just don't go to work.. The uptick in workforce violence in the US might be another symptom .. It seems to be getting common practice in the US to demand 60 and even 80 hour workweek with ever increasing demand of more output from fewer and fewer workers.. With ever increasing women in the dominant wage earner along with normal chores of family life , sooner or later will break.

Even after increasing performance we see weekly whole factories being shipped to China and our workers thrown out of work, with in some cases their retirement funds stolen and they are left to fend for themselves. Our wannabe president's ole firm is still outsourcing as they did this week in Fremont Illinois (a company Romney held 51% of) and held only two years.. Dismantled and shipped equipment to China (minus the safety limit equipment).

Now we have to consider those who have been thrown away in our workforce, people they are telling may never work again..What do we call their depression , is it something new or does the brain just run out of chemistry. Whatever it is we better be prepared to deal with it.. Our reaction to PTSD from our wars is a pretty bad example of what we are willing to do about this..

 Economists from the beginning of the trade have known that you cannot have a successful economy without a manufacturing  base but we allowed the Bain's of the world to destroy ours on the theory that high paying financial jobs would replace them.

During the same period the idiots of the world have destroyed our education system year by year and have not done their job to train a workforce for the changing times. Sending every one to college might sound like a good idea but if their are no jobs what good did it do.. We are going to have to rebuild our manufacturing base and to man that schools will have to change radically..

Meantime the 25% out of work wonder if they will ever work again ,the rest of us worry daily about our children and their children being raped (economicllay)
by these greedy pricks making billions.. Things will change it is yet to be seen how.  This coming election will tell you a lot.  A Romney win will spell the final throws of a once great country...


  1. Well, I'd say I suffer from ODT, old type depression, that follows you home from work and back again. Certainly is has been exacerbated by the current economic climate. A job might just boost my mood level--but probably not very long, because today's workplace is fraught with envy and backstabbing.

  2. Envy and backstabbing in today's workplace I am sure is more severe than ever as company continue to downsize and or move to other countries.. With fewer mid size managers to suck up some of the infighting every worker is on his own .