Tuesday, August 28, 2012

White Terrorist Plot to Assassinate the 'Commander in Chief' | Informed Comment

The right wing mouthpieces(Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, O'reilly) think that the drivel they put out is harmless .  Day after day evidence surfaces that by inciting these crazies out there brings them to committing acts of violence.. It is not known as of this writing how many belonged to this militia . Hopefully they will get one more of the members to rat out the entire list of these nutjobs...

Meantime my right wing friends keep encouraging your raging media outlets to keep up the good work.. It 's truly harmless and a fine example of freedom of speech..
White Terrorist Plot to Assassinate the 'Commander in Chief' | Informed Comment:

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  1. Hatred has no political connection . scare
    tactics are prevalent on both sides as
    indicated by some of your blogs.
    I listen to Rush and O'Reilly on a regular basis and they do not condone, nor do they encourage, such action. I think the difference between the
    tea party's protest and the occupy wall street
    group can give us an idea who is prone to violence----arrests= t.p.--3---o.w.s.730--
    To be a critic one must listen to the horses mouth-------John