Sunday, August 26, 2012


OK, I am a senior , but I have not went batshit crazy yet.. In some polls seniors favor Romney's Medicare plan over Obama's.  There is no other way to look at this crazy shit.. They believe they are still rugged individualists who must be thinking I got mine fuck You'all in the future...Granted this poll is only in three states but one of them is Florida home for lots and lots of seniors.. I am suspecting something in the water is rotting their brains..

I can hear the cries of Romney does not want to turn Medicare into a voucher plan  .. All I can suggest is that they turn their hearing aids up and don't take a nap during the news.. Yes they do want to turn Medicare into a voucher system. Here's the fact check

Here's the part where you pay attention.. The voucher starting in 2023 would be for $7500 for you to use to go buy a private plan that provides the same coverage as Medicare...good luck with that..My current plan and that of my teacher son's run to $16,000 bucks a year..what do you thing they will cost in 2023?  And provide basically 80% coverage..

The part of the Romney plan that does not get talked about is the changes in Medicaid.. Cutting the federal part and shifting the costs to the states that are already having trouble covering Medicaid..and are already making cuts in the system that have to cost more money overall.. When you cut home health care, and home hospice and other programs designed to keep seniors out of nursing homes these changes will force these folks into nursing homes (an undesirable move) that will cost Medicaid much much more..

So you seniors who think Romney's plan is better are dead wrong and need to do their homework..Seniors in the future deserve the same or better than we have now.. If you think not then you are part of the generation who thinks I've got mine, screw you..There is no other way to look at this..

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