Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Economists Risk Labeling as Political Hacks - Bloomberg

It's fairly common knowledge that economists say whatever it takes to maintain their grants... So these guys are greasing the skids just in case there is a Romney win.

A  simple question to ask this bunch is show me one country that fiscal austerity has worked for in this downturn.. Europe is falling apart due to the fiscal austerity programs being put in place.. 

Austerity has never worked and they damn well know it or they would be slinging examples ..they don't , because their aren't any..

So go ahead and vote Romney , but beware I am going to terrorize you with story after story of his failure...I will admit that even Obama is talking austerity too.. If he carries thru with those fixes the same failure will apply to him...  

Economists Risk Labeling as Political Hacks - Bloomberg:

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  1. talk about failure---what has the last six
    years been , even with a democratic controled and senate for a couple years the
    results will cost our offspring for decades
    to come----so bring it on but remember where
    we are right now-------john