Tuesday, August 7, 2012


But first a disclaimer -the video that is linked here is a neatly concealed investment pitch... However the first 70 minutes is pretty much parallel with the results of many years of research on my part..that point out that peak everything is approaching..
Taken from this piece which the link is part of

The basis of the report is that exponential growth will lead to the destruction of civilization... a distinct possibility... as the major factors of this report are easily found on your own , item by item.

In the future I will explore more deeply the results of my research into each topic..The difference in my finding are solutions will be offered to avoid the final outcome...

The simple fact that the average American's net worth (minus the value of his house is $5000) will divert your attention away from their investment choices..

Direct investment into the products they mention are not accesible to us average dudes... They are talking of stocks and we don't have any and don't have the money to buy some.. So they have wasted their times, but thanks for compiling the info into a good simple presentation ..

I hope you take the time to watch this and I invite you to comment on your take on the evidence presented... as I have said I will pursue each topic one at a time in the near future..


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  1. A fairly interesting compilation of things we already know. What we don't know is the timing of all of this, if all happens at once, it's over. And you weren't kidding about the sales pitch! Why would I own stocks if there was no longer a stock market?